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What’s the safest Tattoo Ink?

QuestionsWhat’s the safest Tattoo Ink?

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What’s the safest Tattoo Ink?
Submitted by: Skinzmatt
5 years ago
1 Answers
Barber DTS

answered 5 years ago

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Hello, thank you for your question. 

At Barber DTS, we only stock tattoo ink from well-known, licensed ink manufactures. All of our ink is either pre-sterilised before it reaches us or we send it off ourselves to be sterilised before it hits the shelves. The sterilisation method used is Gamma Radiation which destroys any bacteria within the ink. We carry sterilisation certificates for all ink batches should you or your health and safety officer require them. 

All tattoo ink is required to have an expiry date printed on the bottle. Be sure to always check for this and check it is actually in date! 

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