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The Best Tattoo Batteries in 2024

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A reliable and long-lasting tattoo battery is crucial for every modern professional tattoo artist. A few years ago, it was every tattoo artist’s dream to free their tattoo machines from annoying cables. Nowadays, there is a good selection of tattoo rechargeable batteries that not only provide reliable power, but also offer more and more functions of wired power supplies.

This article aims to help you choose the best tattoo batteries that not only meet your individual requirements, but also ensure uninterrupted tattoo sessions and optimum performance.

Choosing the right tattoo battery always comes down to individual needs. They include factors such as the type of tattooing, the frequency and duration of your sessions and the power consumption of your devices. Once you are clear about your needs, you can choose a battery that suits your tattooing style.

Differences in tattoo batteries

The main difference between different tattoo batteries is whether the battery is built-in or can simply be replaced and re-purchased. The advantage of a built-in battery is usually a long service life and perfect coordination with all other components.

Service life and capacity of the battery

When choosing the best tattoo battery, battery life and capacity are crucial. Look for batteries with sufficient capacity to run your tattoo machine during your sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Also, consider batteries with high capacity and low self-discharge to ensure they maintain their performance even when not in use for long periods of time.

Voltage and power stability

A stable power output is essential for consistent tattooing. Check the voltage of the battery to make sure it meets the requirements of your tattoo machine. Some devices work best with a constant voltage, while others allow you to adjust the voltage to regulate speed and power.

Rechargeable batteries vs. disposable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are generally recommended for professional tattoo artists due to their cost efficiency and environmental friendliness. Investing in a reliable charger is necessary to ensure correct charging cycles and optimal battery life. However, disposable batteries can serve as a backup in emergencies or when recharging is not possible.

Brand reputation and quality

You should make sure to buy tattoo batteries from reputable brands that are known for their quality and reliability. Inform yourself about customer reviews, get recommendations from trustworthy tattoo artists and pay attention to the guarantees offered by the manufacturer. By investing in trustworthy brands, you can significantly reduce the risk of battery failure during demanding tattoo sessions.

The best tattoo batteries 2024

Let’s move on to the most exciting part. Here is our selection of the best tattoo batteries on the market in 2024:

Critical Connect V3

The Critical Connect V3 is one of the most advanced, if not the most advanced tattoo battery on the market. It offers the longest battery operating time and can be used with all tattoo machines with an RCA connection thanks to the adapter supplied.

The large 1.5″ full colour LCD display provides useful functions such as session/run timer, liner/shader preset and many other functions. A footswitch can be connected via Bluetooth using Critical Connect to control the device remotely.

Thanks to the magnetic connection with adapter, any RCA tattoo machine as well as the Critical Torque and the Bishop Power Wand can be driven with the V3. For us, the absolute best wireless tattoo battery currently available.

You can buy the Critical Connect V3 from Barber DTS here.

Bishop B-Charged V2

The Bishop B-Charged is a perfect addition to any Bishop tattoo machine or any other machine with an RCA connection. The battery is small and so powerful in the V2 version that it can easily cope with long sessions on a single charge. The OLED glass display is simple but elegant and the voltage can be set directly on the top.

Thanks to the fast charging time of just 1.5 hours and the low weight of just under 54 grams, the B-Charged is an absolute favourite for anyone looking for a small, efficient battery for their RCA machine. Of course, the B-Charged V2 works best with Bishop devices such as the Power WAND.

You can buy the powerful Bishop B-Charged V2 from us here.

Cheyenne EnGen

With the Cheyenne EnGen battery, you can free any Cheyenne tattoo machine from cables and let your creativity run free. Unlike many other tattoo batteries, the battery is not permanently installed and can be changed in no time at all using a sliding mechanism. Cheyenne includes 3 batteries with a battery life of over 4 hours with the EnGen. This means that the small device can be used for long sessions, as the battery is fully recharged within 50 minutes. In other words, long before the next battery is empty.

The device is kept simple to offer you constant power with just 3 simple buttons. You can read the most important parameters on the OLED display and finally make your Cheyenne machine wireless with a 3.5mm jack adapter. Next generation energy and for us an innovative and effective solution for wireless tattooing with Cheyenne machines.

You can find the Cheyenne EnGen at Barber DTS here.

Critical Connect Universal Battery

The Critical Connect Universal Battery can be charged both via the dock and via USB-C and delivers constant power. The easy-to-use device with OLED display has only 3 buttons for operation and can – depending on the variant – supply both RCA machines and Cheyenne machines with wireless power. A Critical foot switch can be connected via Bluetooth and used to control the device. The Critical Core technology ensures that your tattoo machine always receives constant power and that you have a reliable tattoo battery at your side with the Universal Battery.

Buy the Critical Connect Universal Battery here at Barber DTS.

Also available as a bundle with Critical Universal Battery Charger Dock and Critical Connect Footswitch here.

Critical Connect Universal Battery Shorty

The Critical Connect Universal Battery Shorty is the mini version of the normal Universal Battery. However, the little brother is in no way inferior to the big model except for its size. The functions have remained the same and the reduction in battery capacity is easily compensated for by the low weight and compact dimensions.

Both Bluetooth and the simple operation via 3 buttons have been retained. Due to its small size and cute appearance, we would almost favour the Shorty over its big brother. But of course there is no competition within a family.

Here you can buy the Critical Connect Universal Battery Shorty; and as a bundle with footswitch and charging dock.

FK Irons Spektra Airbolt & Airbolt Mini

The FK Irons Airbolt is a slightly different type of tattoo battery, as it is not placed directly on the tattoo machine, but is a power bank for your tattoo machine, so to speak. This means you can tattoo completely independently of power sockets and still work with your usual cables.

The 6.3 mm jack connection connects your machine and the Airbolt provides up to 15 hours of power. The device can be quickly recharged via USB-C and can be connected to the Darklab app via Bluetooth. All buttons are conveniently located on the front and the LED display shows the most important data. Two colour options are available: black and white.

You can buy the FK Irons Spektra Airbolt at Barber DTS here. The Airbolt is also available in a smaller version as the Airbolt Mini, you can find it here.


Choosing the best tattoo batteries is an important decision that directly affects the quality and consistency of your work. Knowing your specific needs, battery types and performance, battery life and capacity, voltage and power stability, and the distinction between rechargeable and disposable batteries will help you make an informed decision. Always rely on quality, reliability and brand reputation to ensure a seamless tattooing experience in 2024 and beyond.

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