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The Wireless Tattoo Revolution 2022

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Technology has made great strides in the last few decades and it doesn’t stop at the tattoo industry. In the last few years, we have seen a lot of the artists switch from the good old coil machines (we still love them, and they will always be a part of our industry) to rotary machines. The next step everyone has dreamed of since the beginning of tattooing is to go wireless. True freedom of movement and no more cables to trip over or pull the machine off the table to break it on the floor.

Thanks to developments in the battery industry, it is now possible to build rechargeable battery packs that deliver a decent amount of power in a small size – ready to be used to power rotary tattoo machines. But which wireless solution should you choose? Almost all major brands offer cordless solutions these days and you’re spoilt for choice.

In this article, we will review the best wireless tattoo options. From fully integrated systems to add-on batteries that turn your favourite tattoo machine into a wireless tattoo machine.

The Best Wireless Tattoo Machines

We are talking true wireless here. Wireless tattoo machines in an integrated system that work right after unboxing. Usually, they come with a charging solution and the battery pack can be detached and interchanged, so you’re able to tattoo non-stop. Theoretically.

These are our favourite completely integrated wireless tattoo machines:

Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5 & 4.0: The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is based on the SOL Nova Pen and integrates a whole power unit. The wireless machine is operated with a single button and intuitive motion control. The rechargeable battery can be switched and allows for 5 hours of tattooing.

The fast charging time of 3 hours and the two included batteries (only one needed for operation) thus allow for theoretical endless tattooing – Unlimited. Great design combined with best wireless functionality – now that’s future!

The Cheyenne SOL Nova is available with a 3.5 mm (for shading), a 4.0 mm (for lining, colour packing) and a 5.0 mm (for Lining) stroke.

FK Irons SPEKTRA Flux (Max): The FK Irons SPEKTRA Flux is a Bluetooth enabled device with up to 10 hours of battery life with a fast charging speed of about 1.5 hours. The battery can be charged with any USB-C power plug. LEDs on the battery pack indicate battery life as well as voltage usage. Clearly visible all the time.

The interface can be easily controlled with only 3 buttons to keep the focus on your work, and not the machine. The PowerBolt battery pack can be interchanged to never run out of power.

Direct drive with a versatile 4 mm stroke can handle any style and challenge, excelling with lining and colour packing. When paired with the DarkLab App, you can change voltage through voice, access tattoo time and operate a wireless footswitch.

Available in Chromium and Stealth.

InkJecta Flite X1: The InkJecta Flite X1 is perfectly balanced and provides pure DC power from 4.5 to an incredible 16.5 volts for 8+ hours of wireless tattooing per charge.

Intuitive onboard controls are managed with only one button and motion. Press the button and tilt right for faster, left for slower.

With the Flite X1 you can easily adjust give (InkJecta torsion bar system), change the cam for a stroke from 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm and digitally adjust needle depth for any cartridge grip you’d like to use. Lightweight and powered by dual nanotech motors, this machine sets high standards for innovative true wireless tattooing.

Available in 5 different colours.

FK Irons EXO with PowerBolt: The FK Irons EXO is a modular wireless tattoo machine with the same powerful motor as the Flux.

The EXO can be operated wirelessly with the PowerBolt battery (up to 10 hours of wireless tattooing) or wired with a power supply and RCA cable. E-Give is activated when using the DarkLab Hover power supply or the PowerBolt with the DarkLab app.

If you still rely on a traditional power supply with the option to go wireless any time you want to, this machine is your weapon of choice. The EXO is coming with a stroke of 2.5 mm, 3.2 mm or 4 mm (direct drive).

Available in Stealth and Black Ops (PowerBolt optional).

The Best Wireless Tattoo Power Supplies (Tattoo Batteries)

Fully wireless tattoo machines are great, but what will you do if your beloved tattoo machine is not available as a wireless option? Don’t panic, we got you. Tattoo battery packs free almost any tattoo machine from cables and let you enter the world of wireless tattooing.

These are our favourite wireless tattoo power supplies:

Critical Universal Battery & Universal Battery Dock: The Critical Universal Battery converts almost any rotary machine into a wireless powerhouse! Critical Tattoo’s premium battery pack is lightweight and balanced adding only 57 grams (2 oz) of weight to your machine.

The ergonomic and intuitive interface is built for easy handling during tattooing and lets you control the Critical Core inside which provides a constant and stable voltage output from 4 – 13 volts. One charge allows for 10+ hours of tattooing time.

The best way to keep your Critical Universal Batteries organized is the Critical Universal Battery Dock, which charges the battery in 2-3 hours time from depleted to full. The dual charging dock features a no fuss easy battery swap that lets you swap out batteries quickly with just one hand while working.

Thanks to the magnetic bottom it is possible to mount the device anywhere on your workplace for easy access during your tattooing sessions. Wireless tattooing at its finest!

The Critical Universal Battery is available for RCA and Cheyenne (3.5 mm jack) tattoo machines.

Bishop B-Charged: The Bishop B-Charged is more than just a battery pack — it’s a wireless power supply with a stunning up to 12+ hours of battery life. You can precisely control your voltage to the first decimal, just like a standard wired power supply. The wireless tattoo battery has a fast charging time of only 1.5 hours and connects to almost any pen-style tattoo machine with RCA connection.

The voltage range of 4 – 12 volts and light weight of 85 grams (3 oz) make it the best companion for the Bishop Wand. The perfect pair feature a similar design that integrates beautifully. You can monitor all relevant information on the OLED glass display that sits on top of the B-Charged.

FK Irons LightningBolt: The LightningBolt by FK Irons is not only a battery pack but also a Bluetooth enabled power controller that fits on almost any coil and rotary tattoo machine to make it wireless. Connect to the DarkLab mobile app via Bluetooth and experience a whole set of features like voltage changing through voice. The device operates from 5 – 12 volts and provides power for up to 10 hours with 1.5 full charge time.

Three simple buttons give you full control over your machine and the LED indicator allows you to monitor your voltage and battery life. Only 58 grams (2 oz) are hardly felt on your tattoo machine and the USB-C port lets you charge the LighningBolt anywhere.

Other Wireless Options

Talking about wireless does not stop with tattoo machines. If you still like to rely on your cable bound solution but want to clean up the number of cables a bit, there are a few other wireless solutions out there that do not include your tattoo machine.

Check out our favourite wireless options:

Critical AtomX-R & CXP19 Footswitch: The Critical AtomX-R is the updated version of the popular Atom X and brings some great features to the tattoo table. It has dual outputs to connect multiple machines and a modernized overlay design to enhance the user interface experience.

The added R is for remote, because the power supply is now capable to sync wirelessly with the CXP19 footswitch. No wires on the floor to trip anymore when using the Critical CXP19 footswitch with the AtomX-R.

Available in Black/Green, Rosegold/Black, Rosegold/White.

FK Irons Hover: The Hover is not exactly wireless but since it can be controlled touchless, we thought this futuristic device earned a place in this wireless tattoo power supply review.

It is controlled with motion gesture control which allows to increase or decrease voltage, switch between pre-sets, turn on/off, switch display and more. That’s a maximum level of hygiene coupled with awesome features like dual machine inputs as well as charging possibilities via USB-C ports.

The FK Irons Hover provides a stable power of 2 – 17 volts and is Bluetooth enabled for upcoming FK Irons & DarkLab products and firmware updates.


In this article, we gave you an overview of the best wireless tattoo devices available. If you want to join the wireless tattoo revolution, you should now have a good idea what to opt for. If you are more into cable bound tattoo solutions, check out our articles on the “Best Tattoo Power Supplies” and “The Best Tattoo Machines”.

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